TechnoGAN Sampler

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TechnoGAN Sampler is a Max for Live device that interfaces with the TechnoGAN generator application. The device works as a Max for Live instrument and integrates well into the Ableton workflow. It also allows to export generated samples as wavefiles for other uses.

check the demo video on Youtube

TechnoGAN is an AI Neural Network, trained to generate looping quarter-note techno-like samples.

IMPORTANT: For the device to work, you also need to download and run the generator app, which contains and handles the trained neural network:

  • Windows: download (195mb)
  • OSX: download (260mb)
    For the time being, OsX support is very limited. None of the code is signed and you might have to manually allow a lot of libraries to run regardless.
    Update regarding Macs with M1 chips: The generator should now also run on those.
  • quick guide for launching the server app

Find further info and a standalone demo that doesn't require Ableton Live on the TechnoGAN project page

Update Mar-01-2023: Small update to the Max 4 Live device - should now run natively with M1 (no need to run Ableton through Rosetta anymore)

Update Feb-21-2023: The Python scripts for the generator app and for training your own models are now available on GitHub

TechnoGAN has been in development since 2020 and has absorbed many hours and days of mostly unpaid work. While it is free, I'd really appreciate some donation, whatever you think is fair, to keep me motivated in continuing to work on it.

Future plans for development include:

  • ability to transform and automate the generator pattern over time (similar but not limited to the AUT-Button in the standalone version)
  • integration of the generator app into the plugin, to get rid of the cumbersome dual-app workflow
  • Curation and training of other datasets to explore more music styles and usages.
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TechnoGAN sampler.amxd (M4L Instrument)

Don't forget to download the generator app. TechnoGAN sampler WILL NOT RUN without it. You can find the download links in the description or on the project page:
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TechnoGAN Sampler

7 ratings
I want this!